Assassin Moon Slot Review For New Zealand Players

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by Brian Lucas
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Why Play Assassin Moon?

  • Theme: The spy adventure theme that makes it not only fun, but exciting and mysterious.
  • Device Compatible: Play from anywhere around the world on your tablet, mobile or desktop
  • Various Bonus Features: Get multiplier, free spins plus a streak re-spin round.

Are you looking for a hot new online slot game to check out? Are you getting a bit tired of playing your same old faves? If so then Assassin Moon could be just what you’re after in order to spice up your online casino gaming. This game uses a spy adventure theme that makes it not only fun, but also a bit mysterious and exciting. It features the popular HyperHold style of game mechanics and is provided by Microgaming. So, let’s break down all the hot features of Assassin Moon slots so you know if it’s for you or not.

Your Traditional and Classic Style of Game

In terms of basics, you can expect a traditional and classic feeling slot machine here with five reels and 24 paylines. The RTP ranges from 96.03-96.33% with a hit frequency of 30.49%. This puts it in the “average” category, exactly where many players look for slot games to fall. Breaking down the stats further, it means you can expect to win 1/3 of the time.

This should be more than enough to keep you interested and hooked. Where things get a bit more exciting and frankly challenging is with the volatility rating – which is considered high in Assassin Moon. The maximum amount players can win is 12,500x the stake on one spin. In order to get this amount, you’re going to need to stack the wild symbols on each of the five reels.

Not Exactly Heavy on Bonus Features

Now if you’re the type of player that is all about the bonus features, Assassin Moon may not exactly be the option for you. Sure there are a healthy amount of bonus features here, but again it follows the “classic” gaming features so the bonuses aren’t exactly new and shocking.

Another feature worth mentioning is the HyperHold Feature. In order to trigger this bonus, you need to land on at least six of the HyperHold moon symbols on a single spin. If you manage to do this you’ll be treated to 3 re-spins. Manage to get another new moon symbol during your re-spin, guess what you get three more re-spins. It’s easy to see how this one can add up pretty fast.

The Theming Gets a Shout Out

Outside of the smooth and engaging gameplay, the theming also gets a shout-out. As mentioned this one is meant to feel like a spy adventure and between the visuals and sounds it certainly manages to set the atmosphere.

There are lots of bright colors set against different backdrops such as the moon, the symbols themselves are fun and eye-catching, and the whole game has this cool swagger to it that really adds to the experience.

Good, Engaging Fun

So, if you’re after a slot game that is easy to pick up and understand, draws you in, and feels exciting and a little mysterious – then Assassin Moon could be the pick for you.